True Sexiness…is not being skinny but being strong and healthy

A few months ago, I shared this image:

It’s a mantra I live by, despite the protests and negative comments of some close-minded women (and men).  You usually hear girls saying, “I don’t wanna get BIG muscles!!!” or “That’s just for boys!”.  Well, here’s some news for you ladies.  These days, “skinny” doesn’t matter. It’s being HEALTHY and STRONG that makes you sexy. Ain’t nothing sexy about a skinny girl who has to vomit her food after every meal/has to be hospitalized every now and then for fainting from starvation/has a recurring cough or cold from late nights out or smoking or a bad diet.  But girls who can out-run and out-squat their boyfriends? You’d be surprised how many guys find that sexy and consider it a big turn-on 😉

Check out these college girls from the Ateneo Women’s Track & Field Team.  They probably train harder than some male athletes. They’ve got the guns, amazing behinds, and abs to show for it too.

Ateneo Women’s Track & Field 2012 from Kinsfolk Productions on Vimeo.

So if you’re a female college student at the Ateneo, do try out for the team on June 18 – 22, 3 – 6 pm at the Moro Lorenzo Sports Complex.  Contact Poly Villar / (0917-801-7659) for more details.  If you aren’t a female college student at the Ateneo…..well, just feel free to ogle these sexy atheletes in the video then 😉

Stay sweaty, folks!


The Chickzilla


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