Chickzilla’s Back

Please excuse my prolonged cyber absence and lack of blog posts. I recently graduated from college and had to do “real world” stuff…like, you know, apply for a job, do a bajillion job interviews/exams/trials, and play musical chairs at government offices (to get those darn permits and ID’s). After all that, I found a job that suits me and something involving a field I really love and believe in (more on that another time). I’m feeling ready to blog again 😀

Especially since all I’ve been doing is stress eating under the false pretense that I am “rewarding” myself. Geez…what did I get myself into?!?! I am such an emotional eater AKA the average girl. Okay fine, I admit, I lost the will to blog coz I basically undid my Paleo progress. I’m back on track though and forcing myself to blog to make sure I follow through.

So there ya go! I’m back in business and working on churning out interesting material for all us fitness buffs who Google everything. Expect to hear from me a lot this week.

Stay sweeeaty! 😉


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