I’ll Kick Your Ass While Wearing Hot Pink

PINK has always been my power color. When I was 3 (or 4 or 5) years old, my grandma brought me to the department store and I made her buy pink Christmas decorations. When I was in high school, I had a crisis because I realized that 80% of my wardrobe was color pink. Today, I wear other colors more often than I wear pink, but I wear either pink underwear or hot pink lipstick every time I have a competition, an important interview, or an exam. Nothing gives me more confidence than knowing I am wearing my battle gear. Or in this case, battle color.

I love running in pink

I get a kick out of overtaking men at races, or being stronger than men at the gym, or having bigger biceps than men (they aren’t that big…but still)–all while wearing hot pink 😉 Talk about a penchant for emasculation!

Pink is also the color of health…and what better way to express my feminiity than wearing hot pink amidst a field dominated by men?

Here are pictures of my favorite pink running gear. I tend to create PR’s while wearing these specific items. Warning: I’m a bit of a Nike nut!

Nike sports top with built-in bra. If you’re not blessed with big twins (sadly, I’m not) sports tops with built-in bras are heaven-sent! They provide enough support and you’ll even forget you have a bra on.

Nike Tempo Track Running Shorts in (duh) pink. When I wanna let my butt breathe from wearing compression tights, I wear short running shorts. These fit just right, have a pocket at the back for car keys or an energy gel, and it’s pink. Nuff said.

Running shoes in….pink: Nike Lunar Glide 2. These have been with me through thick and thin. I’ve ran hundreds of kilometers with these (training and racing). They matched every single gym outfit I had! They’re quite eye catching too.  Oh, and not once did the sole separate from the shoe!  I am retiring these though.

Sony PIIQ Qlasp Headphones. I’ve grown accustomed to hearing blaring house or rock music while working doing WODs at the box, so I feel the need to listen to music when I run as well. My boyfriend gave me these to me for Valentine’s, and they were like manna from heaven! Been running with these super clear-sounding babies ever since. They don’t move while you run. Ever.

iPod armbad from Greenhills. This was super cheap (and fake too)…and I am glad they were because I sweat aaaaaall over it when I run! Of course, I chose a pink one…even though it was Barbie pink and not hot pink.

Don’t ever underestimate a girl in pink. She might just kick yer ass 😉 So all the women out there who are beasts at the gym, but still love to be feminine and look good while breaking a sweat…go for it! Wearing pink is not a sign of being a weak girly girl. Here’s a video to remind you:

See ya on the road!


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