A (Sort of) Review: Run United 1

Great event.  I heard there was a security problem and missing finisher shirts/kits which left a lot of 21k runners frustrated, but otherwise it was an excellent event, from the point of view of someone who has also organized fun runs in the past. I can’t give a comprehensive review though (complete with hydration booth, marshaling, route, etc) since I did not run.

Here’s RunRio and Unilab’s Run United 1 in photos.

There were two finish lines, with 2 or 3 distances each. So as far as I know, it wasn’t hard to cross the finish line (unlike other races wherein you have to line up to cross the finish line).

The claiming booths for freebies were plenty and sprawling, so there was no need to wait for the goodies for eternity.

What took forever though was the line for the photo booth. Pinoys just really love photo booths! And why not? They’re fun, especially when running with friends. These people were all waiting for their turn…

Moveformove.org devised a clever strategy. They put up freedom walls so people coud jot down what they liked or hated about running…

…and they also put up two “video booths” where people could share their running stories and experiences. These were immediately flashed on small LED screens in the event area.

Amenities for runners were excellent! There was a Freshen-Up Station for runners to change out of their sweaty clothes, so that they’d be more comfortable participating in post-race activities:

There was a Massage station and a Foot Ice Bath station:

After your run, you could try jumping on a trampoline…

…or running on a treadmill to see if you can run as fast as Coach Rio at the Powerade zone…

…or watch the cheer dance competition!

Great time to catch up with friends like Andre of MoveforMove.org and Maro Callo of PinoyFitness.com

The Chickzilla (center) with Maro (left) and her friend

Fun runs are a great place to spot everything from the sexy to the sweaty to the fast & furious…and the cute! I was told this dog loved to run and was found at the Fort. I guess he had just seen too many fun runs and wanted to join in on the fun. His human pal doesn’t keep him on a leash. He just follows him wherever he goes. Adorable! (I’m not a fan of chihuahuas AT ALL…but a chihuahua who RUNS? I love the idea!)

I was at this race just hanging out and soaking the positive atmosphere. I should definitely run the next Run United!

Stay sweaty!


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