Paleo Craze

TEN more days till my 30 Day Partner paleo Challenge concludes.  I’m loving it so far.  The only downside of being on the Paleo Diet is…you gotta cook food yourself 80% of the time.  The food my family eats is not always Paleo-friendly, and they don’t really want to eat my Paleo food either.  On a positive note, I get to practice my cooking skillz!  I research for recipes online, and trust me, they are all so easy to follow.  Here are some of my creations for the past few days.

Romaine lettuce with grape tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil with seared pork tenderloin.  I had this at Rockwell Club last Wednesday after trying out my mom’s Zumba class. Don’t be afraid to bring packed lunch aka baon to places you know will not have paleo-friendly food.

Boiled chicken breast fillet topped with bacon with a side of  romaine lettuce with olive oil.  All you have to do is boil chicken breast fillets (I boiled 3) and then fry some bacon (don’t add oil), and then drizzle olive oil on romaine lettuce…and voila! Lunch is served.

50/50 bacon beef burgers with mashed sweet potato.  This is not very complicated to do, but allow 30 minutes cooking and prep time.  The cooking time will also depend on how big your sweet potatoes are.  The recipe I used is from (click here for recipe).  The burgers were so juicy and the sweet potato mash tasted so exotic with the addition of coconut milk.

Bacon beef butternut squash.  This takes 30-40 minutes to prepare.  If you’re only making this for one person, find a really small butternut squash as it is very filling!  I’m digging the creative presentation suggested by the recipe as well. Again, I got this from (click here for recipe).  It’s a bit of a struggle carving out the squash, but trust me, it’s worth it in the end.

These dishes are super yummy and super Paleo.  You should be feeling like a caveman (or cavewoman) in no time!  Your tummy will be super grateful and will not get bloated either. My tummy’s been flat for weeks, and I guess that’s a result of the Paleo diet.

I also get recipes from Paleo Diet Lifestyle.

Happy Paleo eating! 😉


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