Almost 2 Weeks on the Paleo Diet = 1.5 inches off my waist

I’ve received a lot of questions about my diet, and some people have been appalled at how “picky” an eater I’ve become.  Others however are very supportive of my current diet.  Just so you know, I have not decided to make the Paleolithic way my lifestyle…just yet. I don’t know if I can sustain it forever. But as of now, I’m on a 30-day Paleo Partner Challenge organized by the Crossfit box I go to, Crossfit MNL.

My partner Alfie and I have been strong. We text each other and remind each other to sleep 8 hours a night. Occasionally, we even report to each other about what we ate.

These are the Paleo Diet basics (lifted verbatim from the manual from the Crossfit MNL site):

• You can eat all lean meat, fish, seafood & eggs
• You can eat all non-starchy seasonal vegetables
• Plenty of seasonal fruit
• Moderate healthy fats
• Moderate nuts and seeds
• No grains or cereals at all
• No legumes
• No dairy products (eggs are not dairy)
• No processed foods – make it yourself!
• No sugars. Agave, organic honey, molasses, pure spun golden sunshine….it doesn’t matter. They are all out.
• No artificial sweeteners. These are not food! They are out too.

The GREAT thing about this “diet” is you’ll NEVER GO HUNGRY. I eat every time I’m hungry and meat gets me full pronto!  Here are some of the things I’ve been eating. Trust me, Paleo ain’t boring!

I like eating stuff like this for breakfast. This is Italian sausage with garlic with a scrambled organic egg.    I sometimes have bacon or ham instead.

Another breakfast treat: sliced apples and raisins topped with coconut milk

Lunch or dinner looks like this: pork chop (with its fat!!!) coated in paprika. Meat is what I try to eat a lot of.

Always have a heap of veggies! I sautéed shredded cabbage and some sliced tomatoes in the leftover fat from the pork chops. YUM.

Eating out isn’t a big problem. Just know what to order, and make sure you ask them to remove the rice, beans, corn, etc. Don’t be ashamed to ask for substitutions. The customer is always right. Here’s what I ate during a date night at Ristra’s: a naked burrito with bell peppers instead of beans, and extra tomato instead of corn. I also asked for extra guacamole. BAM!!! SO GOOD.

Who said Paleo dieters couldn’t have dessert just cause we’re banned from dairy? Coconut milk makes everything possible. I occasionally enjoy a scoop of ice cream. This is Dark Chocolate with Cherries from Fog City Creamery

I’ve been taking my coffee black (it was a challenge at first), but occasionally I add a teaspoon of raw, unprocessed, organic honey to it. You can find some at the Legaspi Village Sunday Market.

When I feel the urge to drink iced tea, I drink coconut juice instead. I recently discovered this in our pantry though: Langers Cranberry Plus which is 100% juice, no sugar added, and GLUTEN FREE! Weeee! I drink this sparingly though, as it is still high in sugars from the fruit content.  Warning: do not consume large amounts of this. You will not lose weight.

Other things I snack on which don’t have a picture are: avocados (my favorite), bananas, dried cranberries, boiled egg, pistachios, almonds, and melon seeds.  I have yet to try more Paleo foods, but I will definitely blog about it in the days to come.

I admit, eating out is challenging sometimes.  At the school cafeteria, I usually end up with chicken breast coz that’s the only thing Paleo-friendly.  it’s up to you to make your Paleo Diet and Lifestyle interesting though.

On a positive note, I’ve already list 1.5 INCHES off my waist since I started. And that’s WITHOUT STARVING MYSELF 😉

Cheers to the Cavemen and Cavewomen!

  1. ange said:

    super great article! i love all the pics of the food and all the info you gave.. i might even give paleo a try! go chickzilla!

    • Ally Lim said:

      Thanks Ange! Big compliment coming from a foodie like you! Lemme know if you decide to try it out 🙂

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