Late Valentine’s Post

A dozen long stemmed roses from my Valentine

Since it’s Valentine’s month, I’d like to get a little cheezy.  Please excuse the ants in my pants.

My boyfriend, Jason, and I just had our first couple feature together for the February 2012 Valentine’s issue of Chalk Magazine!  It was a fun shoot, and I even fell into the pool after we took the last shot. There was some debate on whether Jason had pushed me or if I had slipped (I think it was really more of me getting out of balance coz of the fun we were having). But it was heaps of fun!  Thanks Chalk! Grab a copy at bookstores/groceries now!

Pretending we are on a vacation in Hawaii (Chalk Magazine, Feb 2012)

My boyfriend and I are both athletes.  He loves basketball and I love track and field.  Although we both no longer don our Ateneo jerseys, we have stuck with the sports that we love.  He’s joined a lot of fun runs with me, and has even finished his first 15km run (Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2011).  He’s tried to teach me basketball a few times, but I just have really bad footwork! In any case, we always enjoy working out with each other.

Yes, we run without make up (Rexone Run 2011)

We met at the most unromantic, sweaty, and manly place you could possibly think of: the weights room for athletes at Moro Lorenzo Sports Center in Ateneo

When we started dating, I told him the story of how a friend had called me “Chickzilla” on a beach trip at Marinduque.  He’s been encouraging me to use the name, “Chickzilla” ever since. When I tell him about a hardcore workout I did or heavy weights which I lifted, he’d refer to it as my “Chickzilla mode”.

It’s awesome when athletes fall in love because you just understand each other.  The pressures of training, of winning, of getting better.  The time you need to spend at the gym, and why you just can’t go to that particular party coz of a game.  You push each other and encourage each other at times of weakness too, because you know what it’s like to be there…wanting to give up on the sprint intervals, wanting to barf from the intensity of training, or just plain frustration at the plateauing of your athletic progress.  You push each other when the other feels like giving up, quitting, resorting to the easy way out, or when he or she simply needs you to be there.

Jason in action!

It’s cute too because we give each other a lot of gifts which we need for our sports or which will help us improve.  It’s amazing to know that your athlete boyfriend supports you in every way.

Anyway, that’s the end of the cheese and mush!  I need to go do pull-ups or 150-pound squats to feel like a bad-ass again.  Cheers to my super supportive, loving, and animal-on-the-basketball-court boyfriend, Jason “Jumbo” Escueta!  Happy Valentine’s Month everyone!


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