COLLEGE FASHIONISTA FEATURE: All About Beauty, Make Lipstick Nouveau

I’ll be posting about make up soon (to wear or not to wear make up while working out?).  But in the meantime, here’s a beauty feature on me donning my everyday school look.  It’s a pretty late post considering Deanne featured me in December, but this is my segue way to a future post on working out while wearing make up.

So this was actually an ambush shoot.  Deanne had warned me previously that she’d shoot me on that day for but I totally forgot about it.  I just wore my usual make up to school, composed of BB sunblock, Make Up For Ever foundation, The Body Shop loose powder, Shu Uemura glow on blush in pearl shell peach, Maybelline waterproof cat eyes mascara, and my favorite MAC satin lipstick in pink nouveau.

When she initially told me she would take my picture for a make up article, I had decided  to wear full, glamazon make-up! It was good I forgot, so I would look as close as possible to my normal self at school for her feature.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was “caught” wearing make up by my Crossfit coach during one of the WOD’s. I said I was in make up coz I usually come from somewhere before going to the box, and I always go to school with just the natural look. I can’t believe my natural look was noticed at the gym! He told me it was because he noticed that my face wasn’t melting while working out (or something to that effect) and I said it was because my make up was waterproof.

So a few days from now, I’ll be sharing how The Chickzilla stays fine, fresh, and fierce even while wanting to barf while doing burpees.  But in the meantime, here’s Deanne’s feature 😉

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Make Lipstick Nouveau

01DEC ’11

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Make Lipstick Nouveau

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Make Lipstick Nouveau

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The key to having style is standing out. Who said it was about following the latest fashion trends or purchasing the most expensive designer tote? Only victims of fashion believe that. A true follower of the art of clothing knows that it all lies in the smallest of details. Yes, it is possible — you can add a seemingly minute accessory or touch but have the greatest impact of all.

Today’s Fashionista clearly abides by that unwritten law. In university life, most students don’t have the time or even the intention of putting on makeup. Thankfully, today’s Fashionista makes the fashion gods proud by going that extra mile. She stood out in the sea of neutral color with the spruce of color she had on her lips. Classic red or nude are two very popular shades nowadays but she has decided, once again, to go against the tides and try something new. Today’s Fashionista says that her go-to lipstick shade is MAC’s aptly-named “Pink Nouveau,” which definitely makes her beauty look different and fashionable. What makes her look even more interesting is the fact that she paired this lipstick shade with her dark green top. These pops of color add character to her simple and clean outfit. It reminded me of Lindsey Wixon’s look during Peter Som’s spring/summer 2012 show; she was wearing an orange floral dress and lipstick in light pink shade. Quirky and cute, no?

Do what today’s Fashionista did and try something nouveau. Shu Uemura has “alluring” and “rich-colored” lipstick in midtone berry from their rouge unlimited mauve collection. Makeup For Ever, on the other hand, has lacquered transparent lipstick in pearly fluorescent orange — a pleasantly surprising shade that will, without a doubt, turn heads. Add color and attitude to your lipstick collection. Just like today’s Fashionista, you won’t regret it and it will get you places!

Style On,

Deanne Banares


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