My 2011

It’s amazing.

Despite not posting anything for almost 2 months, I’ve been consistently getting hits on my blog everyday.  I checked the stats and I attribute this to my track and field-related posts, which get the most hits.  You know us track athletes, we Google everything! Our favorite athletes, supplements, work-outs, shoes, gear, etc.

The main reason I started this blog was so I could keep track of my training and progress for my first marathon ever, the Condura Run for the Mangroves on February 5, 2012.  For me, public humiliation is the best way to ensure I’d get something done, so I put it out in cyberspace and let friends, runners and strangers know that I PROMISED to run a 42km in February 2012.  Unfortunately, as the saying goes, “Life got in the way”. I had quit the track team before the school year started so that I could focus on training for my first marathon and also so I could start interning and training for my future career.  Instead, I got myself involved in way too many projects, part-time jobs/gigs, school activities, and money-making rackets.  This left me with little to no time to seriously train for a marathon.

After mediocre performances at several races (Rexona Run, Men’s Health Urbanathlon, Adidas KOTR, etc), I joined AJMA’s Rundividual 15km event in November with a lotta confidence and balls. I even asked my running buddy and fellow ex-track athlete Jangan to pace me.  I thought I’d get a podium finish because I had been training extra hard.  Unfortunately, I was overtaken by better-prepared athletes and went home with a bruised ego.  I had not trained hard enough.

Jangan and I at AJMA's Rundividual

December was supposed to be my “get back on track” month, but with a full week of touring Vietnam and Cambodia, and partying everyday with relatives the moment we arrived in Manila, fatness took over fitness.  I finally admitted to myself last week that Condura was a lost dream.  Another factor that weighed heavily was that the Condura Marathon would start at 12 midnight (that means I would have to be asleep by 2pm the day before, and then wake up at 9pm) aaaand it was all the way in Alabang (a huge turn off for a Makati girl like me).

Checking out the Angkor Temple Complex in Cambodia

The Chickzilla shooting an M-16 at the Cu Chi Tunnel shooting Range, Vietnam

My family and I at the famous and ancient Angkor Wat temple

Despite all the traps I set up for myself to ensure I’d run the 42km at Condura, I guess it was just not meant to be.  I don’t want to risk getting injured or performing lousily just to say “I ran a marathon.”  So I’m setting a more realistic goal: The Philippine International Marathon sometime in 2012.  In the meantime, Chickzilla will be getting back in top form through Crossfit!  More on that in the days to come.  In the meantime…lots to be grateful for in 2011.

A new love

Halloween 2011 as Thor and Xena

The cousins are complete this Christmas

All my friends are in Manila for Christmas too!

Amazona Girls Night Out at Salon de Ning

More GNO

My parents have been together for 23 years ♥

New Year's Eve

So many more things to be thankful for, but that’s all for now 🙂

I’m also scared looking forward to my last 2 months in college. It’s off to the real world after that.

Have a happy, healthy and sweaty New Year everyone!

At the Makati NYE Street Party last night


Ally the Chickzilla

  1. I did Philippine International Marathon last was the mother of all worst race…dont.even.try…any Rio organized marathon will do..or qcim..but not PIM..never..goodluck on your training

    • Ally Lim said:

      Really? I didn’t know about that! I saw on the Runrio facebook account though that the Philippine International Marathon will be organized by Coach Rio this year 🙂 Should be much better then. Happy New Year!

  2. VTL said:

    Love you! More memories to make next year! :* :*

    • Definitely! We’ll have more adventures after we graduate 😉

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