Adidas KOTR 2011

I’ve been delaying blogging about the Adidas KOTR (King of the Road) 2011 because I’ve been waiting to find a decent picture of me running…but I didn’t.  The one below was the most decent one I could find =/  Eeek.

Taken by Team USB - Timo Taburico Photography

I signed up for the 16.8km event as part of my marathon training program.  Sundays are my LDS days (Long Slow Distance).  So this was going to be a leisurely and relaxed long run for me.

October 23, 2011 around 5am – the day started out bad for me.  While I was stretching, someone managed to swipe my Skullcandy hot pink chops earphones 😦  I was so angry coz they were my favorite pair of headphones and I also started to panic coz I didn’t know how I was supposed to leisurely run a 16.8km run with no music AND no running partner.

Panic panic panic.  I started to hesitate and think twice about running the race.  I realized how dependent I had become on music to entertain me during my long runs.  I looked around me and probably only half the participants were wearing headphones.  If the other half could finish it without headphones…so could I! I decided to go through with it.  Track & field athlete style.  Headphones are strictly forbidden in track competitions.

Awesome multi-colored singlets. Hydration every 1.5 kilometers. Cold water sponges. Bananas. Medics. Even the UP Pep Squad was present to support the runners. I loved that the route went up the Buendia flyover instead of circling the BGC area or going to the uphill-downhill McKinley area.  I kept myself entertained by observing fellow runners and I made it my mission to overtake any woman runner in front of me.  I didn’t overtake them all, but I overtook a lot while still maintaining my leisurely pace.

There were a bunch of Kenyans as usual, but what set this race apart from other Kenyan-dominated road runs were the Asian athletes from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.  The winners and runners-up of the 16.8km event in the other Asian countries were sent to the Philippines to compete in the finals, all-expenses paid.  One even looked like a tanned and muscled Michelle Yeoh!

My new Polaroid anti-glare sports sunglasses worked wonders.  I found myself practically able to stare at the sun as I made my way back up the Buendia flyover after the U-turn.  And I am absolutely in love with the caffeinated flavors of GU which I got from my supplier (thanks for the tip, Kikay Runner!).  If you try to buy GU in sports stores, they always only have pineapple GU Roctane for some reason.

I was basking in the glow of my running high in the last few kilometers of the run.  I finished the race in 1hr, 57mins feeling like I could still do more.  I survived without my headphones and it felt so good!  I’m definitely gonna start doing my LSD’s music-free.  Met up with friends after I crossed the finish line and I collected a pretty fine-looking finisher’s medal as well.  I can honestly say that this is probably the best race I’ve participated in so far!

(Race Results here)

Next up: Men’s Health Urbanathlon.  This time I’ll have running buddies 😉 See you on the road!



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