Running in the Rain: Get High

So today’s order of business was to run a 10km tempo run.  So I ran around my village.  Covering 10km meant I’d have to do all streets twice.  After 3km, it started to drizzle.  I decided to head home to call it a day and just finish the rest of the 7km the next day with my 6km steady run.  And then I remembered I used to train under the pouring rain when I was in the Ateneo Track & Field team, and that rain was for the weak.  Rain is no excuse! Training goes on even when it rains.  Besides, what if it rained on my marathon?  I’d have to be prepared for that.

So I went into my house an brought out my neon pink Nike Storm Fly Women’s Running Jacket!

My Nike Storm Fly Women's Running Jacket

I bought this more than a year ago.  I’ve forgotten for how much, but in the online store of Nike, it sells for $135 or about P6,000.  Here’s how the site describes it:

The Nike Storm Fly Jacket: Lightweight design, serious protection

When the weather turns, the Nike Storm Fly Women’s Running Jacket is there to block it out. Featuring lightweight fabric that repels wind and rain, this jacket also helps pull sweat away from the skin. Reflective features offer more visibility in low light conditions for added safety.

Storm-FIT fabric helps wick sweat away while blocking out wind and rain so you stay dry and comfortable
Mock-neck that zips up to the chin to block out the elements
Lined zip pockets to keep hands warm and provide storage
Bungee cord with toggle at hem for an adjustable fit

It’s a good thing it has a pocket to keep my cellphone (I run with this when I am alone…ALWAYS) dry.

I also put on a waterproof cap I got for free at the Takbong Mas May Yabang race a few months back.  I stepped into the rain and resumed my previous pace.  This training session was supposed to cover 10 kilometers at a pace of 5:30 mins/km or less.

So I ran along happily and began to feel no pain whatsoever in my lungs or in any of my muscles or joints.  This was odd due to the fact that I was more than sure my pace was way below 5:30mins/km.  I suspected I was on a running high.  Like what I talk about in one of the newer posts at Move for Move, a storied movement by Ripple 100 and Unilab Active Health:

Here I talk about how my epiphany at Jim Paredes‘ Performance & Presentation class led me to a better understanding of the high I get when I am running.  Because when I’m running…I AM running.  I become one with running.  Yes, I sound like a hippie right now, but it’s true.  All you long distance runners must’ve felt it at one point or another!

Back to today, a splash of water on my shoes from a puddle I failed to notice seriously pissed me off.  I also realized I had not put Body Glide or any other anti-chafing product on my feet so I might blister from running with wet socks.  It wasn’t worth it.  I could just add an extra 5km tempo run in my workout tomorrow.  Part of me didn’t want to stop though…because running in the rain is just so dramatic!  LOL!  Next time, I’ll be sure to put on some Body Glide so I can cover any distance I want in the rain.

So that’s it for today!  I’m on Week 2 of marathon training.  In 10 days, I’ll be running 16.8km at the Adidas King of the Road  More updates to come!



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