Road to Marathon: My Training Program

In case, ya’ll are curious, here is my 18 week 42km training program.  I’ll be doing all this for 18 weeks plus weights 2-3 times a week focusing on the legs (squats, lunges, deadlifts).  I’ll also be doing sprint workouts (10x100m, 10x400m, 5x1000m and so on) at the track oval.

This is adapted from John Stanton‘s book, Running: From Start to Finish.

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My 42 KM Training Program


  1. Sam said:


    What’s your pace on Tue,Wed,Thur and Sat? Are they all tempo run?


    • Hi Sam! Tuesday and Wednesdays are tempo runs. Thursdays and Saturdays are steady runs. Sundays are always LSD.

      PS: I read your blog too! =)

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