Fierce Female Athlete. Track and Field’s Sprint Princess: ALLYSON FELIX

I know I said I’d post this yesterday, but here it is today!
Allyson Michelle Felix
Allyson Felix first came to my attention when I bought my first pair of running shoes. (Before then, I was running road runs with cross-trainers.  I was so ignorant back then.)  The salesman proudly told me that the Shug by Allyson Felix for Adidas was a limited edition design and that I should buy it.  I was already sold when I saw pink stripes on the shoe.
Being one to Google everything, I Googled my shoes once I got home.  So this is Allyson Felix!  She was still an endorser of Adidas back then….and apparently an excellent athlete.  The resemblance of her name to my name instantly got me hooked.

Allyson Felix with the Shug Spikes

I bought the Shug running shoe in the middle

Allyson Felix’s big break: Being the youngest ever (first teenager—she was 18) to win an individual gold medal (meaning not a relay).  At the 2005 IAAF World Championships in Helsinki:

Track & Field Phenom at 18

This 25 year-old Los Angeles Native used to be teased in high school for having “chicken legs”.  How could a girl with such small, slim legs participate in sprint events which required strong, big legs like those of Veronica Campbell-Brown, Marshevet Myers and Carmelita Jeter?

Campbell-Brown, Myers, and Jeter at the 4x100m event at the 2011 IAAF World Championships in Daegu

Well, those chicken legs took her places!  Turning pro in 2003, her main events are the 100, 200 and 400m sprint.  Her education at the University of Southern California was paid for by Adidas.  She did not, however participate in college track meets.  She instead focused on her pro career.


She is a three time World Champion for the 200m sprint event (2005 at Helsinki, 2007 at Osaka, 2009 at Berlin).  She was the first woman to win 3 consecutive 200m World Championship titles.  At the 2011 World Championships at Daegu however, she lost her crown to Veronica Campbell-Brown (gold) and Carmelita Jeter (silver) and had to settle for bronze.

She is the current World Junior Record Holder for the 200m (22.18 secs)

She has won an Olympic Gold medal with Team USA at Beijing, and an Olympic silver medal for 200m as well.

Team USA winning gold for the 4x400m event at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games:

Allyson Felix winning silver for the 200m event at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games:

These are just a few of the many athletic feats this young lady can be proud of.  To view her full athletic profile, with complete personal bests and achievements, visit her page at the IAAF website.

Young, beautiful, humble and accomplished, Allyson Felix is also a staunch believer in fair play.  She has joined Project Believe, an initiative launched by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.  Project Believe aims to show the public and the athletic community that elite athletes can be clean.

Today, she is no longer with Adidas.  She, along with Maria Sharapova and other elite female athletes, are ambassadors of Nike’s “Make Yourself” campaign.  This campaign empowers women to make themselves strong, hot, fit, proud, shine, vigorous and determined.  THERE IS A CHICKZILLA IN ALL OF US!

Strong Woman = Hot Woman. Allyson Felix shows the men how it's done.

Allyson Felix's excellent sprint form captured by Annie Leibovitz

Allyson's a strong sistah!

The athletes of the Nike "Make Yourself" Movement. This is the wallpaper of my laptop at the moment.

I call her a “sprint princess” and not a “sprint queen” because I feel she still has a lot of room for improvement.  Watch out for her in the next few years.  I do hope she becomes the next Usian Bolt among female sprinters.

Visit this FIERCE FEMALE ATHLETE’s official website here.  Follow her on twitter too (@allysonfelix).  I love her because she replies to tweets from fans like me!


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