Day 1 of Marathon Training

Hola Cholas!

This is officially Day 1 of training for My Journey To My First Full Marathon.

I took a one month hiatus from hard training and intense running ever since my last road run, which was 10 kilometers at the Rexona Run.  I took a break because I had to: focus on school work; shrug off being burned out and sick of training so hard (more on this in the future); and also socialize a bit. Haha!  Inevitably though, I had to return to running.  I love this sport.  Super love it.  Besides, I had that “I’m Gonna Run a Full Marathon Before I Graduate College” goal, remember?

So today, I laced up my running shoes, chugged down some Gatorade and ran an easy 30 minute run at 7pm.  Felt freaking awesome.  Now I’m not totally out of shape—I’ve been going to the gym, doing ab work and free weights at home—but I just haven’t ran on a real road in a long time.  And trust me…It’s not the same as running like a hamster on a treadmill.  Running tonight made me miss the pain of maintaining a punishing pace for a 3km race, interval workouts at the track ovals which made me collapse from exhaustion and the high I got from finishing 21 kilometer runs (my favorite distance).

I’m glad I’m back on track!  And thus…the journey to the marathon commences!



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