Did you enjoy the first leg of the Sofitel-Runrio Battle of the Sexes? If you did, then good news…there will be a second leg this coming September!

Men and women will battle it out to see who is the tougher gender.  The men prevailed in Leg 1.  I’d like to see the women kick some male ass this time around! I am a firm believer that women can be and are stronger than men. Girls, I’m sure you love overtaking male runners on the road…so here’s your chance!

Aside from being able to participate in a quality race by Runrio, you get to run for a good cause too.  This event if for the benefit of the children of VIRLANIE FOUNDATION.

Oh……and check me out with Coach Rio! 😉

Defend your gender!

Chickzilla approves! Here in the poster with Coach Rio himself.

Date: September 1, 2013
Venue: SM Mall of Asia grounds
5km- 5:45am
10km- 5:30am

Registration Fees:
5km – P500
10km – P800

Online: June 17-August 11 (www.runrio.com)
In-store: July 1-August 25

Race bib with timing device and raffle entry
Goodies from sponsors

Riovana BGC/Katip (12nn-8pm)
Toby’s MOA and SM North the Block (12nn-8pm)
Sofitel Philippine Plaza

-For the 10km category, the women will be given a 7-minute head start before the men.
-For the 5km category, the head start for women is 3 minutes.

They must battle it out to see which gender will prevail.  Only one gender can win for the 5km and the 10km.

There will be one 1st place male and a female winner only per age category (10 age categories) per distance.

Age Categories:
16 and below
60 and above


For the 5km and 10km Champion:

Sofitel suite w/ breakfast (good for 2)

For each male and female age category winner:

Spiral lunch/dinner GC (good for 2)


One Million Pesos Worth of Luxury Stay at Sofitel Philippine Plaza




The lucky winner (1) of the One Million Pesos worth of Luxury Stay will enjoy the following:

o One (1) complimentary gift certificate with three night stay at the Imperial Suite with breakfast for four (4) persons at Spiral, valid for 1 year subject to room availability

o Ten (10) complimentary gift certificates for Spiral (lunch or dinner). Each gift certificate is good for two persons, valid for one year.

o Five (5) complimentary gift certificates for Le Spa (one-hour massage). Each gift certificate is good for one person only, valid for one year.

For more information, check out http://www.runrio.com
Runrio Hotline: 887-6194
Registration/timing concerns: feedback@runrio.com


Enervon Activ Hydration Belt Promo poster


Exciting news for all Runrio Run United 2 registrants!

ENERVON ACTIV presents…the RUN UNITED 2 HYDRATION BELT PROMO! Here are the mechanics:

1. This promo is exclusively for registered 2013 Run United 2 participants.

2. Purchase 10 pieces ENERVON ACTIV at any of the authorized registration centers of RU2 (worth 120php) and get the limited edition Active Health Hydration Belt for only 200php (includes 2 bottles X 180mL).

3. Race bib number must be presented when availing the promo.

4. Promo can be availed once per bib number only.

5. Promo Duration: April 26 – May 26 or until supplies last.

Per DOH-FDA Permit No. 0831 s. 2013

This is a GREAT DEAL if you ask me as hydration belts usually go for PHP 1,500-2,500. Hurry before stocks run out!



A few months ago, I shared this image:

It’s a mantra I live by, despite the protests and negative comments of some close-minded women (and men).  You usually hear girls saying, “I don’t wanna get BIG muscles!!!” or “That’s just for boys!”.  Well, here’s some news for you ladies.  These days, “skinny” doesn’t matter. It’s being HEALTHY and STRONG that makes you sexy. Ain’t nothing sexy about a skinny girl who has to vomit her food after every meal/has to be hospitalized every now and then for fainting from starvation/has a recurring cough or cold from late nights out or smoking or a bad diet.  But girls who can out-run and out-squat their boyfriends? You’d be surprised how many guys find that sexy and consider it a big turn-on 😉

Check out these college girls from the Ateneo Women’s Track & Field Team.  They probably train harder than some male athletes. They’ve got the guns, amazing behinds, and abs to show for it too.

Ateneo Women’s Track & Field 2012 from Kinsfolk Productions on Vimeo.

So if you’re a female college student at the Ateneo, do try out for the team on June 18 – 22, 3 – 6 pm at the Moro Lorenzo Sports Complex.  Contact Poly Villar / (0917-801-7659) for more details.  If you aren’t a female college student at the Ateneo…..well, just feel free to ogle these sexy atheletes in the video then 😉

Stay sweaty, folks!


The Chickzilla

As you all know, the 2012 RUN UNITED 2 is fast approaching! Registration was supposed to end June 3, but Runrio has extended registration till June 10! Head to Riovana at BGC or Katipunan if you haven’t registered. Or…..answer this question and you get a chance to WIN race kits that I’m giving away to my readers and fellow Chickzillas and Manzillas!

What’s the most bad-ass/hardcore thing you’ve done the past month? (Example: I did a 200-pound back squat last week/I ran two 21K races 2 weeks in a row, etc) If it’s Chickzilla/Manzilla enough for me, I’ll give you a Runrio voucher which will allow you to register for the 500m dash for kids, 3/5/10K category (Note: 21K race kits are sold out). Race kits can then be claimed at the Run United Race Expo.

Leave your answers in the comment box below. Contest ends 8PM TONIGHT.




***UPDATE:  After reading about all your hardcore Chickzilla and Manzilla adventures, I’ve chosen 6 winners!  The six winners may claim their RUNRIO VOUCHERS at Riovana BGC starting 6pm tonight. You may use these vouchers to register for 500m, 3/5/10k for the 2012 Run United 2.  Race kits may then be claimed at the Race Expo.***

  1. Richard Loresca
  2. Vhince Manaloto
  3. Aquiz Minlay
  4. RL Capuso
  5. Ben Ramos
  6. Teresita Ramos

Please excuse my prolonged cyber absence and lack of blog posts. I recently graduated from college and had to do “real world” stuff…like, you know, apply for a job, do a bajillion job interviews/exams/trials, and play musical chairs at government offices (to get those darn permits and ID’s). After all that, I found a job that suits me and something involving a field I really love and believe in (more on that another time). I’m feeling ready to blog again 😀

Especially since all I’ve been doing is stress eating under the false pretense that I am “rewarding” myself. Geez…what did I get myself into?!?! I am such an emotional eater AKA the average girl. Okay fine, I admit, I lost the will to blog coz I basically undid my Paleo progress. I’m back on track though and forcing myself to blog to make sure I follow through.

So there ya go! I’m back in business and working on churning out interesting material for all us fitness buffs who Google everything. Expect to hear from me a lot this week.

Stay sweeeaty! 😉

PINK has always been my power color. When I was 3 (or 4 or 5) years old, my grandma brought me to the department store and I made her buy pink Christmas decorations. When I was in high school, I had a crisis because I realized that 80% of my wardrobe was color pink. Today, I wear other colors more often than I wear pink, but I wear either pink underwear or hot pink lipstick every time I have a competition, an important interview, or an exam. Nothing gives me more confidence than knowing I am wearing my battle gear. Or in this case, battle color.

I love running in pink

I get a kick out of overtaking men at races, or being stronger than men at the gym, or having bigger biceps than men (they aren’t that big…but still)–all while wearing hot pink 😉 Talk about a penchant for emasculation!

Pink is also the color of health…and what better way to express my feminiity than wearing hot pink amidst a field dominated by men?

Here are pictures of my favorite pink running gear. I tend to create PR’s while wearing these specific items. Warning: I’m a bit of a Nike nut!

Nike sports top with built-in bra. If you’re not blessed with big twins (sadly, I’m not) sports tops with built-in bras are heaven-sent! They provide enough support and you’ll even forget you have a bra on.

Nike Tempo Track Running Shorts in (duh) pink. When I wanna let my butt breathe from wearing compression tights, I wear short running shorts. These fit just right, have a pocket at the back for car keys or an energy gel, and it’s pink. Nuff said.

Running shoes in….pink: Nike Lunar Glide 2. These have been with me through thick and thin. I’ve ran hundreds of kilometers with these (training and racing). They matched every single gym outfit I had! They’re quite eye catching too.  Oh, and not once did the sole separate from the shoe!  I am retiring these though.

Sony PIIQ Qlasp Headphones. I’ve grown accustomed to hearing blaring house or rock music while working doing WODs at the box, so I feel the need to listen to music when I run as well. My boyfriend gave me these to me for Valentine’s, and they were like manna from heaven! Been running with these super clear-sounding babies ever since. They don’t move while you run. Ever.

iPod armbad from Greenhills. This was super cheap (and fake too)…and I am glad they were because I sweat aaaaaall over it when I run! Of course, I chose a pink one…even though it was Barbie pink and not hot pink.

Don’t ever underestimate a girl in pink. She might just kick yer ass 😉 So all the women out there who are beasts at the gym, but still love to be feminine and look good while breaking a sweat…go for it! Wearing pink is not a sign of being a weak girly girl. Here’s a video to remind you:

See ya on the road!